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Holiday Collections

The Tewksbury Lebanon Township Police PBA #386 will again hold its two charity drives, this holiday season.  Annual drives for 2014 will include non-perishable food items & toiletries and children’s toys.  There will be collection bins for both drives inside the front doors of the Tewksbury Township Police building (Alternate drop-off location:  Lebanon Twp. P.D., 530 West Hill Road, Glen Gardner.)  The bins will be out from November 3rd –December 31st.

Food & Toiletries Drive
Items sought include non-perishable foods, and toiletries, including diapers and toilet paper.   

Items collected will be distributed to the Flemington Food Bank.

Toy Drive
Unwrapped toys for children of all ages are welcomed.  Toys collected will be distributed to children at SAFE in Hunterdon for this holiday season.

We thank you for your generosity and support.

Tewksbury & LebanonTownship P.B.A. Local # 386

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Eagle Scout Project at WWS

My name is John Gallagher and I am a student at Voorhees High School and a Life Scout in Troop 199 in Oldwick.  As part of my Eagle Scout award, I will be working at the Whittemore Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS) in Tewksbury.  My project entails refurbishing the dilapidated gazebo and building several benches for use in the new outdoor education area.  Each year, WWS provides numerous environmental programs for schools, scouts and summer day camps with the aim of stimulating awareness and understanding of the total environment — natural, altered, human and historic — among people of all ages to develop a sense of responsibility for the care and wise use of our natural resources.

I would greatly appreciate any help with my project in the form of donations (checks payable to Troop 199 please), materials, or help at one of my work days!  Please e-mail me at johngallaghereagle@gmail.com for more information.

Thank you very much!

John Gallagher

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Community Reminder to all Residents & Businesses

In keeping with the township’s concerns about public safety, the Fire Marshal wants to remind all residents about the need to maintain smoke sensitive alarms in their homes and businesses.  This is especially true in residential cases where there are many instances where open flame uses,  such as cooking and candles could possibly cause a fire, if not properly contained and heating devices are used in case of power outages.

Residents who rely on oxygen supply relating to health issues are encouraged to make sure that they maintain their existing smoke alarms.  If your home does not have smoke alarms, you need to install one battered powered unit on each floor in your home, including the basement, to insure your safety. 

Please check all battery back-up smoke detectors regularly.  If there is a power outage, you need to depend on these detectors which will not work if the batteries are not working.

If you have any questions concerning your smoke detectors, please call Tom Anderson, Fire Marshal at 908-439-0022 ext. 728.

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St. John Neumann Religious Education

St. John Neumann Parish is now accepting registrations for Religious Education (K-8) for 2014-2015.  There will be classes offered on Sunday mornings, at 9:00am (K-6), and Sunday evenings, at 6:00pm (Jr. High); both sessions meet twice a month.  There is also a monthly Saturday family program.  

A few program highlights include Advent and Easter activities, Class Masses, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, May crowning, and an overnight Confirmation retreat.  Registration forms are available on St. John’s website: www.ccsjn.org.  Please note: First Eucharist requires a two-year preparation beginning in First Grade.  For more information, or new parishioner inquiries, contact Renee Ciszewski, Director of Religious Education, at 832-2162, or renee@ccsjn.org.

The Catholic Community of St. John Neumann is a vibrant, growing Roman Catholic parish serving the residents of Califon and its surrounding area.

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Attention All Tewksbury Township Residents

Please be advised the numbering of all principle structures located within the Township is required.  This is a matter of Public Safety.  In the case of an emergency a difference in minutes can mean the difference between life and death.  House numbers are imperative for a quick reference.  The more camouflaged and hard to find the numbers are, the longer it will take emergency personnel to arrive at the scene.  All signs should be placed at the end of each driveway, whether it be the intersection of a public road or common driveway with other residential locations.

As per Township Ordinance 15.04.040 General Requirements; 
The following requirements shall apply to all numbers to be installed, in order to provide the greatest degree of identification of the property so as to assist any persons thereon:

A.  The identification number(s) shall be no less than three inches in height, and of durable and clearly visible material.  The identification number(s) shall be Arabic.

B.  The number(s) shall be of reflective material or of sufficient visible contrast to the background material to be easily discernible at night with aid of an emergency vehicle spotlight.

C.  All number(s) shall be mounted so that they face the access road to the property containing the principal building and shall be maintained by the owner of the property so as to be unobstructed by trees, shrubs and other vegetation or otherwise. (Ord. 5-92 § 4)

Tom Anderson, Township Fire Marshall
Tom Holmes, Police Chief

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Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze)

Residents applying for NJ Property Tax Reimbursement (Senior Freeze) must meet all of the following Requirements for eligibility:

  • You were age 65 or older as of December 31, 2012, or if under age 65, you were receiving Federal Social Security disability benefits as of December 31, 2012, and December 31, 2013; and

  • You have lived in New Jersey continuously since December 31, 2002, or earlier, as either a homeowner or a renter; and

  • You have owned and lived in your home (or have leased a site in a Mobile home park for a manufactured or mobile home that you own) since December 31, 2009, or earlier; and

  • You paid the full amount of the 2012 property taxes due on your home by June 1, 2013, and paid the 2013 property taxes by June 1, 2014; and

  • Your total annual income for 2012 did not exceed $82,880* and for 2013 did not exceed $84,289.* Note: With very few exceptions, all income received during the year must be taken into account to determine eligibility (including social security, pension income, etc.)*

    Eligibility requirements, including income limits, and benefits available under this program may be changed by the State Budget. Any changes to the 2013 eligibility requirements will not be finalized until the completion of the State Budget that must be adopted by July 1, 2014.

    For more information visit then NJ Division of Taxation website: www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/ptr/index.shtml, or phone the Property Tax Reimbursement Hotline: 1-800-882-6597.

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Tax Deductions Available

Tewksbury residents may be eligible for one or more of the following Income Tax deductions outlined below.  For detailed information, see the NJ Division of Taxation website, or consult your tax professional.

$250 Property Tax Deduction for Veterans Or Surviving Spouses
N.J.S.A. 54:4-8.10 et seq. Two hundred fifty dollars ($250) may be deducted each year from taxes due on the real or personal property of qualified war veterans or their unmarried surviving spouses. In 1999, a constitutional amendment increased the deduction from $50 to $100 for 2000; $150 for 2001; $200 for 2002 and $250 per year thereafter.

To qualify, you must be an honorably discharged US Armed Forces war veteran or the unmarried surviving spouse of such a war veteran or the unmarried surviving spouse of a serviceperson who served in time of war and died while on active duty. You must be a property owner and a legal resident of New Jersey and, where applicable, prove that the deceased veteran or serviceperson was a legal resident of New Jersey.  Claim Form V.S.S must be filed with your municipal tax assessor or collector.

Full Property Tax Exemption For 100% Disabled Veterans Or Surviving Spouses N.J.S.A. 54:4-3.30 et seq. 100% permanently and totally disabled war veterans or the unmarried surviving spouses of such disabled war veterans are granted a full property tax exemption on their dwelling house and the lot on which it is situated.

To qualify, you must be an honorably discharged disabled veteran who had active service in time of war in the US Armed Forces, or the unmarried surviving spouse of such a disabled veteran. Unmarried surviving spouses of servicepersons who died in active service in time of war also qualify. Wartime service connected disability must be certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA.)

You must be the full or partial owner and a permanent resident in the dwelling and legal resident of New Jersey. In the case of surviving spouses, the deceased spouse must also have been a legal resident of New Jersey. Claim Form D.V.S.S.E. must be filed with your municipal tax assessor.

$250 Real Property Tax Deduction For Senior Citizens, Disabled Persons Or Surviving Spouses N.J.S.A. 54:4-8.40 et seq.
An annual $250 deduction from real property taxes is provided for the dwelling of a qualified senior citizen, disabled person or their surviving spouse.

To qualify, you must be age 65 or older, or a permanently and totally disabled individual or the unmarried surviving spouse, age 55 or more, of such person.  You must be a legal resident of New Jersey for one year immediately prior to October 1 of the year before the year for which the deduction is requested.  You must be an owner of and a permanent resident in the dwelling on October 1 of the year before the year for which the deduction is requested.  Income may be no more than $10,000 during the year for which the deduction is claimed, excluding with restrictions, monies received from social security, Federal and State pension, disability and retirement programs.

Claim Form PTD must be filed with your municipal tax assessor or collector. Additionally, Form PD5, Annual Post-Tax Year Income Statement must be filed with your tax collector each year after initial qualification.

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Organic Food Co-op

Shares are now available in the Purple Dragon organic food co-op, now operating in Tewksbury. 

Deliveries take place on alternate Saturdays, every two weeks.  No shopping necessary, your order is pre-selected and hand-picked.  Each delivery will contain two shopping bags full of local and non-local certified organic and ecologically grown fruit and produce, such as: ecologically grown NY Gala apples and Devoe pears, organic acorn squash, Canadian Brussels sprouts, baby bok choi, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce hearts, Mexican cucumbers, grape tomatoes, Ecuadorean bananas and a Costa Rican pineapple.

For more information, contact Jennifer Brown, at purpledragontewks@gmail.com, or 908-303-8708, or visit www.purpledragon.com.

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WCTT Scholarships

Tewksbury Senior Scholarship

The Women’s Club of Tewksbury Township (WCTT) awards a scholarship each year to a graduating senior who resides in Tewksbury.  This year the Education Committee selected Caleigh Connor and Angela D'Amiento from an outstanding applicant pool.  Caleigh and Angela have distinguished themselves by being high achieving scholars, proven leaders and active participants in long term community service The awards were given to the honorees during a luncheon held at Fiddlers Elbow Country Club.  We congratulate Caleigh and Angela, wishing them well as they embark on their college education, Caleigh to Fairfield University and Angela to The College of New Jersey.

Dotty Gaal Memorial Scholarship

The Women's Club of Tewksbury has also been asked to administer a scholarship established by the family and friends of Dotty Gaal.  Dotty's passing left a void not only in her family but in the Women's Club as well.  Dotty had been an active member of the club, bringing her intellect, scholarship, artistic talent, love for humanity and our earth to every activity in which she participated.

The first Dotty Gaal Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to graduating senior Clare Moariarty.  Clare embodies all the virtues Dotty exemplified.  In keeping with Dotty's environmental concerns the scholarship essay required the applicant to "Pick a situation related to science in Tewksbury Township and explain in detail, in 350 words or less, how you would improve the situation.” Clare identified a major problem, keeping our water supply viable while dealing with massive runoff.  She presented several practical and imaginative ways to solve the problem.

We congratulate Clare on her accomplishments and wish her well as she heads to Clemson University to pursue a degree in Civil / Environmental Engineering.

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Volunteer Guardians: There For Our Adults Alone

Imagine not being able to pay your bills, arrange medical appointments, or handle legal issues, and having no family able to assist you when you have to make important life decisions.

Volunteer Guardianship One-on-One, Inc. coordinates volunteers to provide compassionate and complete guardianship services to adults who have no willing family members or friends, and who have been determined by the court to be in need of such personal services.

The New Jersey Office of the Public Guardian had handled these types of cases until the mid-1990's, when budget restrictions caused a moratorium to be placed on new cases.  Hunterdon County Surrogate Susan Hoffman and attorney Anthony Serra developed the concept of using volunteers in a structured way to meet this need.

A Guardian is an individual who has been appointed by the court to make life decisions for another person whom a judge determines to be “incapacitated.”  A Guardian may be a family member, a neighbor, a friend, or a professional guardian.  Important issues such as where to live and how to manage their finances become the responsibility of the Guardian. 

Volunteer Guardians are “never alone”.  Before being assigned a ward, a volunteer becomes thoroughly familiar with the policies and procedures included in the “Volunteer Handbook,“ and has the opportunity of earning the Registered Guardian (RG) credential.  Volunteer Guardians can draw on the assistance of volunteer professionals, individuals, and social service agencies.

For more information, contact Michael Swerdloff, Director of Volunteers, at 788-4893, ext 718.

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County Clerk's Corner

Hunterdon County Deed Overcharge Resurfaces-Consumers Warned

There is a new wave of solicitations from Record Transfer Services to property owners encouraging them to purchase a “Certified Copy of your Deed” for a payment of $83.
Several calls from residents alerted our office to the solicitation. It is rare a homeowner would ever have a need for a certified copy of their deed, however, if you wish, certified copies may be obtained directly from the County Clerk’s office for $2 a page and $5 for certification with an average cost of $15 for a certified copy. 

If you have any questions or have receive this solicitation, please contact the Hunterdon County Clerk’s office at 908-788-1217.


Running For Local Office

Course Date:       Saturday, January 24, 2015

Snow Date:         Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time:                   9:00 a.m. to 12:00-noon

Place:                  Freeholder Meeting Room Building #1
                            71 Main Street, Flemington

Cost:                    NO CHARGE

Ever had a desire to be on a School Board or a member of your governing body?  School systems and local government are built on a solid foundation of interested and dedicated residents who choose to run for School Board and local government.

This workshop will guide you through the steps needed for placement on the ballot as a candidate for school board member or local office.  Topics to be covered include the qualifications required to run for office, how and where to file a petition, filing deadlines, and the last hour (11:00am-noon) dedicated to campaign finance reports.

To allow for proper planning or notification in the event of inclement weather, registration is requested.  Please register your name and a contact phone number where you can be reached with County Clerk Mary H. Melfi, at 908-788-1214, or e-mail countyclerk@co.hunterdon.nj.us.


Passport Information

Planning a winter getaway?  Effective June 1, 2009, ALL U.S. citizens must present a passport book, passport card or other travel document approved by the U.S. government to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land borders and seaports of entry. 

Our knowledgeable staff is here to process your passport application. We NEVER require an appointment, take the best passport pictures in the county and offer passport friendly hours. The forms and additional information are available online at www.co.hunterdon.nj.us/countyclerk.htm. For more information, call our office at 908-788-1221.

December  Extended Passport Hours:

Saturday, December 13th, from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Regular Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

You are welcome to contact me at (908)788-1214 or via e-mail, at countyclerk@co.hunterdon.nj.us with any concerns or suggestion on ways to improve our service to you. 

My staff & I wish you safe and happy holidays.

Mary H. Melfi
Hunterdon County Clerk

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Township Seeks Web Input

The Tewksbury Township Committee is seeking input, comments, and suggestions from Township residents regarding the current format and use of the Township's website, www.tewksburytwp.net.  

Please provide any comments you may have regarding the website, how its is currently used and any suggested changes you would like to see to Committeeman Louis DiMare.

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Notes from the Fire Official

Important Information Regarding Open Burns/Bonfires

In accordance with the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey, Section N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.7(a),3 (i),  all bonfires and open burns require a New Jersey State Forest Fire Permit and aType 1 Permit from your local municipality in order to conduct such an activity.

An “Open Burning Regulations” packet contains all of the information needed in order to apply for and obtain open burn permits.  The packets are available at the Municipal Building, located at 169 Old Turnpike Road, Monday through Friday between 8:30AM–4:00PM.  Included in the packet is an “Application for Fire and Safety Permit” which needs to be completed and submitted to our office along with the $42 application fee and a copy of the State permit before an open burn permit can be processed.  If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to contact me at 908-328-3020.

The State of New Jersey requires a Certificate of Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fire Extinguisher Inspection prior to the closing of a sale of residence and also prior to a change of tenant in a rental property.  To schedule an inspection, apply at the Tewksbury Township Administration Building, 169 Old Turnpike Road.

A closing cannot occur without the Certificate of Inspection.  A fine may be issued if a tenant moves in prior to the inspection, in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code. 

Tom Anderson
Tewksbury Township Fire Official

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Oldwick Fire Company Serves You

Established in 1938, the Oldwick Fire Company (OFC) currently responds to 150 calls per year.   This volunteer organization of thirty-five members relies on its two pumper trucks, a tanker/pumper, and a brush truck to serve Tewksbury Township. 

Monthly meetings are held the first Monday of the month at 8:00PM at the firehouse, on Oldwick Road (rt 523), south of Oldwick.  Their office phone number is 439-2514 (dial 911 for emergencies). New Members are always welcome. 

The Oldwick Fire Company’s new banquet hall is now available to host your next event. The facility can handle events up to 200 people.  The banquet hall is suitable for weddings, business meetings, organization or club meetings, birthday parties, instructional seminars, or classes such as karate, dance etc. 

The banquet hall is in the lower level of the Oldwick Fire House, at the intersection of Routes 517 and 523, and offers beautiful woodland views in its surprisingly secluded setting. 

For more information, or to book your event, phone 439-2514, or drop a note to: 
Oldwick Fire Company 
attn Banquet Hall Committee 
PO Box 83 
Oldwick, NJ 08858.

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Zion Lutheran Seeks Information

Zion Lutheran Church in Oldwick will celebrate its 300th anniversary in 2014, and is now compiling its extensive archives into a database that will be accessible on its Web site.  Among its many historical documents are the church’s charter from King George III, and 1749 deeds from Ralph Smith, the primary landholder of “Smithfield”, renamed “New Germantown” in the 1750s, and then “Oldwick” during World War I. 

The church’s Historical Committee is seeking to identify additional historical documents or photographs that can be added to the database. For example: a steeple, added in 1854, was blown down in 1888, but the church has been unable to find a photograph of it.  If any readers have early documents or photographs that the church could copy, please contact the Historical Committee at: 

Zion Lutheran Church 
P.O. Box 41 
Oldwick, NJ 08858, telephone 439-2040. 

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Letters to the Editor 

Dear Editor,

The Tewksbury Family Assistance Fund (TFAF) would like to thank the people of Tewksbury for their continued support. Due to the exceptionally generous and caring members of our community, every year the TFAF is able to make life easier for struggling residents. 

The fund has raised more than $27,000 since September. In addition, many families participated in the annual Bake and Gourmet Freezer Sale by donating delicious, homemade fare. The TFAF has distributed over $16,000 this year for necessities such as groceries and heating bills. 

The TFAF has helped families in need by providing discreet financial support and has distributed over $325,000 since its inception.  Any resident in need may be referred to the program through the Old Turnpike School and Tewksbury Elementary School nurses or principals.

It’s not too late to join us in giving your neighbors a helping hand. To make a donation, please make checks payable to the Tewksbury Family Assistance Fund and send to P.O. Box 321, Oldwick, NJ 08858.  Or visit www.facebook.com/tewksburyfamilyassitancefund  to donate through PayPal.

The TFAF Board of Directors

What's Your News?

The Tewksbury Times--on paper and online--is ready to help your organization publicize its activities. Many Tewksbury residents look to The Times to keep them informed about local happenings, and community groups rely on us to help them get the word out. 
The deadline for next month's issue of The Tewksbury Times (on paper) is always the 15th of this month. Notices can be e-mailed to us or sent by US Mail to: 

PO Box 434 
Oldwick, NJ 08858

The deadline for The Tewksbury Times--Online is rolling. Announcements of upcoming events or activities may be e-mailed to us at any time, and will be added to this site at our earliest chance. 

We're very interested in hearing from you! Whether you like what you see or have ideas for improvements, your thoughts are important to us. We'd also love to hear of any links you think we should add that would be of interest to residents of Tewksbury or visitors to the township. You can always GetEdwin@TewksburyNJ.com.

Please see our Letters Policy for submissions guidelines before writing to us.

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